What is CBD Oil? - A Primer for Inquisitive Minds

Demystifying CBD oil, or hemp oil, is crucial to understanding the value of CBD food supplements. Scientifically, CBD is a compound known as cannabidiol, one of approximately 200 compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. In the western world the entry of CBD products is relatively new, however CBD and hemp oils have been used throughout history as an all-natural ingredient. It’s now considered by many as an alternative remedy to prescribed medicines or a food supplement to aid a wide variety of ailments. 

To make this new industry a little more understandable we’re going to break down how CBD is made, extracted from the plant and how it should be taken. By explaining the inner workings of CBD we’ll show you how hemp oil can be trusted to enrich your physical and mental health. 

How is CBD extracted? 

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CBD oil is extracted using a wide range of techniques such as liquid solvents, CO2 extraction and oil extraction that requires advanced equipment and expertise to ensure the quality and integrity of the process.

Liquid solvents 

This method uses solvents such as butane, hexane or ethanol to run through the plant matter to strip the flavours and cannabinoids. The filtered solvent is then heated until evaporated, leaving a concentrated oil. 

This is the most common form of extraction because it’s quick, easy and inexpensive. On the downside traces of impurities may be found in the oil if not managed correctly. 

CO2 Extraction 

This process uses CO2 to extract the CBD from the hemp plants and to ensure strict control over the temperature and pressure. Using a ‘closed loop extractor’, solid CO2 (also known as dry ice) is stored in the first chamber which is then pumped into the second chamber filled with plant matter. The specific gravity and temperature of the second chamber converts the CO2 into a liquid to strip the plant of CBD. Finally, the CO2 is transferred into a third chamber where the CO2 separates each element to produce pure CBD. 

This method is quick and most importantly doesn’t run the risk of contamination or impurities. However, it is an expensive process and usually only used by professional CBD producers. 

Oil Extraction 

This is a simple method that’s not viable for commercial use because the results are inconsistent and unreliable. It involves heating plant matter in an oil such as olive oil to extract the CBD. 

What we do 

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At Sea CBD, we use CO₂ extraction to remove any potentially harmful substances and our oil then undergoes decarboxylation, a heating process that allows the body to absorb CBD more effectively. Sea CBD and most premium CBD oils are purified to take out any fats or chemicals and enriched with terpenes to enhance the nourishing and balancing effects of CBD. We blend our oil with olive oil and filter them for purity and a lighter colour. Sea CBD is independently tested for CBD levels and to show that THC levels don’t exceed the legal limit of 0.2%. Every bottle of oil has an individual batch number taken from a batch report. 

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and vegan-friendly, plus we use 100% organic certified hemp that’s directly extracted from the plant for purity. Sea CBD oil undergoes rigorous quality control at a Swiss laboratory, guaranteeing a premium quality oil that nourishes body and mind to encourage them to work together in equilibrium. And as the sea is one of our passions, we donate a percentage of profits to a range of charities committed to solving plastic pollution in our seas, including The Sea Cleaners, the Marine Conservation Society and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. We believe in ethical business practices and committed to working with likeminded suppliers and organisations. 

What is CBD used for? 

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CBD has been used and tested extensively with some scientific studies claiming that it has a wealth of health benefits. According to a paper reviewed by the WHO in 2017, CBD may have therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions and illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, pain relief, seizures, cancer and depression among others. While nothing conclusive has been stated, studies are ongoing and the FDA has fast-tracked a review of CBD products to announce regulations by the end of 2019. This is a boon for the CBD industry as it will give this booming industry the authority it deserves. 

At Sea CBD we believe that CBD has the potential to improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life. As a family business, we wanted to create a vegan-friendly food supplement that we ourselves use regularly. What’s more our friends and family have been incredibly supportive and embraced Sea CBD as a part of their daily dietary routines. 

We hope that this article has answered some of the questions you may have about CBD oil. This new industry has a bright future and we are committed to giving you transparent facts and figures. If you want to know more about the charities we support or would like to try it for yourself take a look at our site or order today.